Now based in Barcelona and having graduated from ETSAV School of Architecture in 2012, our practice took off to collaborate with offices in different contexts: Stockholm, Paris, Malaysia, & Indonesia. As an itinerant office we learn to adapt to different realities quickly, we observe the shifting processes of these different cultures, cities and landscapes and we study their history and their potential in this globalised era.

Although we have a strong interest in the small details of crafts, our research takes us to study how the city and its infrastructures shape the life of a metropolis such as Bogotá, Kuala Lumpur or Jakarta.

We are Marina Huguet & Andy Penuela.


WEB – Divisare – Pavilion de la Danse
BOOK – “Postindustrial Landscapes” VVAA. Lulu
BOOK – “El proyecto de nuevos patrones residenciales, Exploraciones docentes del Taller Arquitectura-Proyecto 1995-2009”. Ed. ETSAV.


Premis AJAC 2016 – Points Project


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