In-Port is MHAP masters degree thesis:

It is a critical response to the urban development that will take place in the Port of Barcelona and considering this worldwide crisis the project begins with one decision: to elaborate and manage a real-time intervention where uncertainty is not only accepted but part of the conception process.

The intervention is based on a closeup look of those hidden processes that are usually rejected by the city. These processes can be incorporated within the collective imaginary so that this singular place can be REconfigured, REenergized and REconected to the city. The main goal is to introduce the urban tissue inside the domain of the port by intensifying its sometimes violent, dynamic and out-of-scale landscape but also tremendously pedagogical, contemplative and potentially aesthetic with a linear path that recognises obsolete structures, takes profit of their embodied energy and turns them into poles of public and private activity.

The coexistence of the different activities is managed through the limit. The limit itself is turned into the urban figure that is able to connect and organize the exchange between the port and city and backwards. It is materialized in specific spots as a dispositive that regulates the wind and the radiation (depending on the season and the traffic intensity at the port) that its made out of materials and resources that are found nearby the area. In other spots, the limit is just a membrane, a water mirror, a platform, a field of seagrass or a change of height.

Our effort has been to understand the dynamics that happen inside and outside the Port of Barcelona, to diagnose and recognize spaces and structures that are capable of generating urban activity through a continuous and controlled urban space (vs. the cartesian field of the port), to play with the complex and ambiguous definition of ‘limit’, a place for exchange, of control, of friction, of discontinuities… that is able to create programmatic opportunities and intensifies this landscapes of change, without destroying or hiding them. Last but not least, we discovered the phisical and material way to build a structure that is capable of accepting a certain degree of indefinition and failure (or success!) without it being fragile or ephemeral.

It is basically a declaration of principles of our school ETSAV.
+Post-industrial landscapes